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Repairs to Chemvac-Travaini Liquid Ring Vacuum pumps can only be properly carried out if the repairer has access to the original drawing jigs and fixtures upon which the pumps were made. Generally, pump repairers do not have access to these essentials, and are, therefore, only capable of carrying out modest repairs, such as fitting new bearings or seals, and cleaning out the pumps.

Repairs involving the re-machining of the pumps’ working chambers are, therefore, improperly carried out due to lack of knowledge of metrology, limits and tolerances. Furthermore, spare parts are often “cannibalised” from other makes, and plastic, and other fillers, are used to fill cavities.

The result is usually a vacuum pump, which because of inaccuracies, requires additional clearance between the impellers and side members to allow the machine to turn. Pumps subjected to the above treatment will be delinquent with regards to performance, require more seal liquid and will absorb considerably more power. The overloading of the electric motor is a possibility. Such pumps can, of course, create a hazard, and it follows that they cannot be used in flameproof and explosion proof atmospheres.


CHEMVAC-TRAVAINI have a weekly express service between their Macclesfield factory and the main Travaini facility in Northern Italy. Vacuum pumps requiring repair are sent to the main factory, and are returned, fully overhauled and with a warranty, observing a tight timetable. Two classes of repair are available.


The complete replacement of all worn out parts by the provision of new parts, performance testing, 12 months warranty.


The re-machining of all internal working parts, and the provision of new bearings, seals and gaskets, plus performance testing. 3 months warranty.


Transport costs between our two factories are borne by Chemvac Pumps Ltd.
The cost of a repair can vary between 25 and 75% of the price of a new pump.